Business Name Cancellation Form

You should cancel your ABN if your business:

i has been sold i has closed down i is no longer operating in Australia or making supplies connected with Australia.

Follow the instructions in order to cancel your ABN & GST / Business Name:

1 Fill in the form below to cancel your Business Name.

2 Complete the payment. You can pay by credit card.

3 Once your Business Name is cancelled, your Business Name status will be sent directly to your nominated email address and SMS.

Personal Information

Fillout your first name
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Please enter your main email address. Please check carefully for typos and other mistakes. Your ABN confirmation will be sent to this email address.
Enter your phone number without any spaces or hyphens.
Please check the entered ABN is correct and that it contains 11 numbers without any spaces or hyphens.

Business Name Information

Please, leave this field empty if you want us to request your ASIC Key for you. ASIC will email you the ASIC Key to the email address they already have recorded against the business name. An ASIC Key mostly looks something like the following - 1-12345678901 (i.e. a 1, followed by a dash, followed by 11 digits starting with a 1).

Can’t find your ASIC Key?

> You can find it in your email inbox by typing the following email “[email protected]” and click on the “Welcome letter” in order to download the PDF which contains your ASIC Key.

> You can request it Online following the next link at no cost: "". After request, your ASIC key will be delivered to your business email address (within 24 hours).

> We can attempt to obtain this ASIC key to be emailed to your email address -if all your details are correct and up to date with ASIC.

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