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An ABN is an Australian Business Number that is a unique number which identifies your business to the government and community.
To process your application, you will require your:
  • Full name,
  • Birth details,
  • Tax File Number (TFN) and
  • Business and Residential Addresses
The ABN typically takes only a few minutes to process if all the correct information is provided to us. If there are any errors or queries, we will contact you to advise you of any further information required so that we can proceed with the application.
We strongly recommend providing your TFN, when applying for ABN. The ABN does not replace your TFN. The ATO may use your TFN to confirm your identity. Without your TFN, the ATO may reject your application or may put it in the queue for manual review which can cause delays in processing your application. If you are unable to provide your TFN when applying for your ABN, you can continue to apply for your ABN. Our team will contact you if you are required to submit your TFN.
No, you cannot. As a sole trader, you only have one ABN number. You cannot apply for a new ABN number. The ATO reinstates the old ABN. It is not possible to have more than one ABN number under your name.
If you had a previous ABN number, the ATO will reactivate your old number. You keep the same ABN number as a sole trader and cannot be issued with a new ABN number. Please follow the link below to reactivate your Australian Business Number (ABN)
If you are a sole trader, you can only have one ABN number. You can have multiple businesses and business names under the same ABN but not more than one ABN
It may take between 3 to 10 hours for your ABN to show as active on the ABN lookup while the ATO updates their records. You will receive a confirmation from us by email and SMS once your ABN is active. You can look up on our ABN lookup service to see if your ABN number is still active.
We charge an administration fee of $69.00 to process your ABN application. This fee is for reviewing your application for errors, submitting your ABN application and following up on any errors on your ABN application.
You can look up on our ABN lookup service to see if your ABN number is still active. If it is not active, you can fill in our easy one form to reactivate your ABN number.
When processing your ABN may be under revision by the ATO. This could be because of one of the following reasons:
  • you have not used your ABN for a long time
  • you have changed any of your names
  • you hold a name that is very commonly used
If your ABN is under review by ATO, it means we have registered your ABN successfully and it needs time to be approved by ATO. Unfortunately we have to wait for them to manually confirm your details and then they will issue your ABN. It may take 3-7 business days to be approved by ATO. As soon as we receive your ABN number, we will email and SMS you with the details.
We can process the ABN quickly and check the application form for any errors before the ABN is submitted. We can also process multiple applications at once eg. Business names, ABN and GST registrations making the process simple and quick. We offer support from registered tax agents and Chartered Accountants which can help you with any queries that you may have.

Business Name Registration

Your ABN is a sole trader ABN and so it cannot use the “Pty Ltd” on the end of your business name. If you are wanting to register a company, it is a different entity type to a sole trader. If you have a company, you have to register the company with ASIC and pay an annual fee to keep the company registered. The company will then be a “Pty Ltd”. As a sole trader, you obtain your sole trader ABN number and can run as many businesses under that ABN as you like and have as many business names as you require. For any enquiry in regards to company name, please contact us to: [email protected]
There could be multiple reasons for your Business Name being rejected. ASIC might reject a name:
  • if it is already taken or inappropriate or is similar to a name already taken.
  • if the address you have provided is missing a unit number/floor level (if this information is required for delivery), that includes ‘Corner of’, or that is a PO box.
  • if the property address provided by you is not accepted by Australia Post as a postal address.
If ASIC rejects your request to register a business name, one of our team members will contact you by email, asking you for an alternative business name that you would like us to check and register FREE OF CHARGE .
No, you cannot register your business name under your cancelled ABN. The ABN must be active. Once we register your ABN and it is showing on the ATO website as ACTIVE, only then we are able to register your business name. We cannot process the business name until the ABN is showing as active and then it can take a few hours (sometimes it may take up to 24h) for the business name to be approved. As soon as it is approved, we will send you an email with the record of the business name registration. If your ABN is not active, you can fill in our easy one form to reactivate your ABN number.
No, you are not required to reapply. You can have more than one business under your sole trader ABN. For example, if you had previously registered your ABN as a “cleaner” and now working as a “carpenter”, it is okay if your ABN is still classified under “cleaner”.

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Once your application is approved, your ABN will be emailed directly to your nominated email address within 5 minutes in most cases.

Sometimes, the Australian Government's internal platform may be undergoing maintenance. This slows down all registrations, meaning your registration confirmation email may take more than 1 day to reach you.

Thank you for your patience, and if you are concerned please reach out to us by filling in the form below. We will investigate and reply to you ASAP.

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